An eco friendly solution driven initiative for moms & babies. Started by a mom who is passionate about doing DIYs.

Its a 100% moms-run company operating from home. We handmake our products & do end to end services from our home. All our products are designed ( Yes we draw our patterns too) & made in our premises. None of our products are outsourced. 

Though its a homerun business we make sure to give our heart and soul to it. We will help you to reduce your usage of single use products by all means. 

Team comprises of only people who lost their job due to maternity, covid etc. 

Support us. You will be the reason for restarting someones’s career.

We are on our mission to sell only sustainably sourced products with ecofriendly packaging.

* No pamphlet, other product catalogues are shared in paper/plastic. No unnecessary cloth bags/cartons with brand promotion. We are considerate about not wasting resources available.

* We use upcycled newspaper, cardboard & securement covers.

* We do use new plastic covers considering climate & other factors. we make sure that is minimal.

* Our packaging may not be fancy but it will give full justice to your first step of opting to a reusable product.

Featured products

Newborn diapers

AIOs, Cover & fitted diapers Which can be used with flats & inserts. Available in regular & velvet soft pul.

One size diapers

One size covers, pockets, aios and fitted diapers suitable to use with inserts & flats.

Flats & inserts

Over 20+ varieties in flats & inserts. Materials includes Cotton, bamboo & hemp blends.

Best Sellers

Adult diapers

Available in pull up style for active persons & regular style for bedridden persons in various absorbencies.

Period Panties

Withstands entire night or day. Can be used for incontinence & postpartum. Comes with 7 layers.

Sanitary Pads

Available from 8" to 16" in medium & high absorbencies. Other sizes also customizable.

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